Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Opera Length Glove Etiquette

Winter weddings, Debutante Balls and Mardi Gras - the time of year that calls for opera length gloves...and for us many emails to Rachel Howard inquiring on evening glove etiquette. Below please find you guide to to opera length glove etiquette:

1. Traditionally, opera gloves should not be put on in public, but should be donned in the privacy of one's home before going out.

2. Your gloves should be kept on when shaking hands in a reception line) or when dancing.

3. Gloves may also be worn while drinking, however, It is better to remove, or partially remove them, when practicable (see #4 below).

4. You can partially remove your opera gloves by unbuttoning the mousquetaire wrist opening and pull your hand out through the opening, then tucking the finger section under the wrist or under your bracelet, if you are wearing bracelets - **bracelets should be worn over the gloves.

5. When you sit down to dinner, you should take off your gloves, and put them back on when dinner is over.

For more tips and advise on wedding gloves, visit our tips and advise section: https://perfectdetails.com/tips/tips.html and click on gloves.

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