Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Painted Ikea Dresser

If you've got an Ikea dresser or the like that you're looking to give new life, we absolutely adore this idea that the folks over at decor8 had:

"The easiest way to get the colors right is to simply work off of a paint card at the home store and buy the shades on it in the color that you like the most and paint them in the exact order on your dresser drawers as they appear on the card..." [read the full piece here]
Such a fun way to add personality to an otherwise utilitarian dresser, and totally fool proof when it comes to picking color palettes. A great play on the pastel craze!

(photo: Patric Johansson)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelry: Hollywood Glamour

There is such a rich luxuriousness to old Hollywood glamour. It's the look for the woman who prefers gliding about in silk gowns, ornate jewelery, and smooth, shiny hair. We are constantly inspired by the beautiful women who grace the silver screen and their seemingly effortless, opulent style. Few capture this beauty in modern jewelry as much as Margaret Rowe, who cites Hollywood's women as her muse.

Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelry creates timelessly beautiful pieces that "contribute to the sparkle of romance and illumination of the star in each one of us." Her jewelry has been seen on the red carpet on the likes of Heidi Klum and Christina Hendricks and has all the allure of the Golden Age.

Here are pieces from Margaret Rowe's collection that remind us of some of our leading ladies so you can capture some of that genteel charm on your special day:

Has there ever been a woman as beloved as Marilyn? Playful, sultry and elegant, her style has inspired women well past her time. We love the earrings she's sporting here, and cannot help but be reminded of these: 

 We adore the sexy dangle of these earrings--the Swarovski crystals drop a showstopping three inches, and the best part is that they're detachable and can be worn as studs, depending on your look.

Lauren Bacall has such a sultry look and attitude that demands attention. Steal some of her overwhelming self confidence with this statement making, Cleopatra Collar:

 Bold, stylish and so classic it's practically ancient Egyptian.

Grab every eye and steal every breath in the room with this ornate cuff. Perfect if you love the dramatic look of the Cleopatra Collar but find it does not work with your gown.


Sophia Loren has been an icon for close to 60 years. These timeless earrings will have a home in your jewelry box probably for just as long:

These art nouveau inspired earrings chic, enduring and luxurious. Perfect adornment for discerning women.

We love Christina Hendricks and her unmissable, womanly look. And Christina loves Margaret Rowe!

Take Christina's look directly off the red carpet! Gorgeous teardrop earrings sported by the Mad Men actress.

Emulate Christina's style with these gorgeous '20s inspired gold and crystal earrings that will bring some gentle warmth and class.  

There's more of these stunning pieces from Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelery that you can check out on our website. Besides how beautiful they are, probably one of the best parts of these pieces is how timeless they are--throughout the decades these looks have popped up again and again. Perfect embellishment for that special occasion that you'll wear many times over.