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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Choosing the right gown

Picking the right gown for your wedding can be a stressful endeavor. We've put together some tips to help you make the right decision when it comes picking your perfect dress.

There are three things to consider in selecting the ideal wedding gown:


Although the traditional wedding gown is white, on closer examination you will find that many brides wear a variation on this classic color. Most bridal gowns are available in white, ivory, a light pink, or light peach, although recently champagne, gold and silver have become popular, especially for older brides and 2nd marriages. For the bold, ambitious bride, many designers have been incorporating deep, dramatic colors and nontraditional pastels.  Try on a gown in each color, to determine which shade is best for your coloring.

Lazaro      |     Vera Wang    |  Carol Hannah 

  • Hourglass - curvaceous. The objective is to strive for balance.

    Avoid high waistlines and necklines. Emphasize a small waist with a fitted waistline. Soft gathered skirts disguise hips and draw attention to the waistline; A-line dresses also work well. Use details or embellishments wisely: bodice detail such as beading or lace will bring the eye upward and emphasize the upper body. Consider an open neckline to flatter the shoulder line and bring the eye upwards. (Dress: Theia)

  • Rectangle - long and narrow.
Concentrate on details that emphasize width and avoid long vertical lines. Detailed sleeves will draw the eye outward. An open neckline or off the shoulder look will broaden the shoulder line. A full skirt with horizontal details, for example horizontal ribbon trim from the waistline to the hem. Avoid high or drop waists, instead go with a fitted waist. (Dress: Carolina Herrera)

  • Triangle - long and narrow.
The objective is to minimize lower body fullness and create the illusion of additional width in the upper body. Here's how: Create height with an elongated waistline. Wear full sleeves to create the appearance of wider shoulders. Full skirts hide heavy hips and legs. Draw the eye upward by selecting a decorative bodice or details at the neckline. Avoid bulky or straight skirts. (Dress: Carol Hannah)

  • Reverse Triangle - upper body is wider than lower body.
Objective is to emphasize the width of the lower body. Some ideas: A simple bodice will minimize the upper body width, so will unadorned sleeves. Avoid high necklines and narrow skirts. Choose a detailed skirt to draw the eye downward. Create additional height with an elongated waistline, for example, a dropwaist. (Dress: Modern Trousseau)

The neckline you choose should flatter your face shape. If your shoulders are narrow and you want them to appear wider you will want a wide neckline that will broaden. If you have broad shoulders that you would like to appear narrower then you should select a neckline that is narrow. Listed below are general guidelines based on face shape:

  • Square: Scoop, round or V-necklines are best.
  • Round: Scoop, angular or V-necklines. Avoid high necklines.
  • Oval: Any type of neckline works well.
  • Oblong: Round or square necklines. The objective is to widen the face.
  • Heart: Any type of neckline works well.
  • Diamond: Wide open necklines and rounded necklines. Avoid V-necks.
  • Pear: V-neck. The objective is to lengthen and narrow the bottom portion of the face

If you want to:
  • Appear taller: High neckline, empire waist, short-sleeved or sleeveless dress with gloves.
  • Appear slender: High waistlines such as princess style or A-line; utilize vertical lines in fabric or trim details; scoop necks are also affective. Avoid ruffles, puffy sleeves and clingy fabrics.
  • De-emphasize the bust line: Scoop necks, high necklines and v-necks. Avoid empire or cinched waists.
  • De-emphasize height: Drop waist, wide belt, waistline adornments. Due to your height you can wear a hat or dramatic veil and not be overpowered.
  • Appear less slender: Heavier fabrics, bodice details, gathered, large sleeves.

Found the perfect gown? Don't forget some brilliant accessories! Check out our beautiful and unique shoes, bags, jewelry and more at www.perfectdetails.com

All photography by firstVIEW except Carol Hannah dresses, photographed by Corbin Gurkin.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Painted Ikea Dresser

If you've got an Ikea dresser or the like that you're looking to give new life, we absolutely adore this idea that the folks over at decor8 had:

"The easiest way to get the colors right is to simply work off of a paint card at the home store and buy the shades on it in the color that you like the most and paint them in the exact order on your dresser drawers as they appear on the card..." [read the full piece here]
Such a fun way to add personality to an otherwise utilitarian dresser, and totally fool proof when it comes to picking color palettes. A great play on the pastel craze!

(photo: Patric Johansson)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelry: Hollywood Glamour

There is such a rich luxuriousness to old Hollywood glamour. It's the look for the woman who prefers gliding about in silk gowns, ornate jewelery, and smooth, shiny hair. We are constantly inspired by the beautiful women who grace the silver screen and their seemingly effortless, opulent style. Few capture this beauty in modern jewelry as much as Margaret Rowe, who cites Hollywood's women as her muse.

Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelry creates timelessly beautiful pieces that "contribute to the sparkle of romance and illumination of the star in each one of us." Her jewelry has been seen on the red carpet on the likes of Heidi Klum and Christina Hendricks and has all the allure of the Golden Age.

Here are pieces from Margaret Rowe's collection that remind us of some of our leading ladies so you can capture some of that genteel charm on your special day:

Has there ever been a woman as beloved as Marilyn? Playful, sultry and elegant, her style has inspired women well past her time. We love the earrings she's sporting here, and cannot help but be reminded of these: 

 We adore the sexy dangle of these earrings--the Swarovski crystals drop a showstopping three inches, and the best part is that they're detachable and can be worn as studs, depending on your look.

Lauren Bacall has such a sultry look and attitude that demands attention. Steal some of her overwhelming self confidence with this statement making, Cleopatra Collar:

 Bold, stylish and so classic it's practically ancient Egyptian.

Grab every eye and steal every breath in the room with this ornate cuff. Perfect if you love the dramatic look of the Cleopatra Collar but find it does not work with your gown.


Sophia Loren has been an icon for close to 60 years. These timeless earrings will have a home in your jewelry box probably for just as long:

These art nouveau inspired earrings chic, enduring and luxurious. Perfect adornment for discerning women.

We love Christina Hendricks and her unmissable, womanly look. And Christina loves Margaret Rowe!

Take Christina's look directly off the red carpet! Gorgeous teardrop earrings sported by the Mad Men actress.

Emulate Christina's style with these gorgeous '20s inspired gold and crystal earrings that will bring some gentle warmth and class.  

There's more of these stunning pieces from Margaret Rowe Couture Jewelery that you can check out on our website. Besides how beautiful they are, probably one of the best parts of these pieces is how timeless they are--throughout the decades these looks have popped up again and again. Perfect embellishment for that special occasion that you'll wear many times over.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Golden Girl

"There was an excitement to her voice…a promise that…there were gay exciting things hovering in the next hour."  -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

East Egg was a far different world from what most of us know. Fictional home of some of New York's most fashionable and affluent residents, life was centered around luxury and pleasure. Prohibition may have been in full swing, but bootleggers were made millionaires and the rich basked in their clandestine partying.

"The king’s daughter, the golden girl."

One of the most beautiful women of East Egg was Daisy Buchanan. Daisy's charming, affable snobbery manifested in pure elegance that has inspired women for generations. She's certainly not the most morally upstanding woman, but fortunately you can emulate Daisy's irresistible charm without becoming a "silly fool."

If you're thinking about adding some of the roaring 20s charm to your look, be sure to check out our selection of fine jewelry, shoes and other accessories at Perfect Details. Here are some of our favorite pieces we carry that have art deco influences and scream East Egg. No flapper dress required.

Stunning but not flashy, this timeless bracelet would look almost as good in the office as on the aisle.

We love the geometric design and the warmth of the gold--perfect for a Golden Girl inspired look.

 Delicately hand glued crystals make this cuff dazzling. Customize the bracelet by adding a broach for a look that's as you as it is Daisy.

This stunning headband is an easy--and practical--way to add embellishment to your hair. 

Pearls are so quintessentially 1920s glamor, and rightfully so. This necklace is beautifully versatile and feminine. 

Dare to go big with your bracelet. You'll adore the interlocking design and showstopping personality of this bracelet. It's so Great Gatsby it was named after it! 

Drip with '20s elegance in these tear drop earrings.

The ornate, artistically geometric design of this bracelet would fit right in at New York's most glamorous parties.

All eyes will be on you in this stunning, bold collar. Elegant and classy in a way that's not only Gatsby-esque, but practically ancient Egyptian. A piece that will have you turning heads for years to come.

 "I’ve been everywhere and done everything."

The glitzy styles of the '20s are sure to make a huge comeback this year as the highly anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby starring Leonard DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan hits theaters in December. These classic styles will keep you trend forward while being timeless enough to be worn for the next 90 years.

The years of speakeasies and the Charleston may have passed, but its luxury lives on. Allow yourself to get whisked back to1920s' New York on your special day with these decadent pieces. Be sure to check out the rest of our beautiful pieces, featuring fabulous bracelets, convertible earrings and more at PerfectDetails.com

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mad Men Inspired Bridal Fashion

If you haven't read The Wedding Chick's blog by now, you should definitely check it out. In addition to hot news, they post some amazing inspiration posts, such as their recent Mad Men wedding ideas post featuring photography by Raw Photo Design.

We love Mad Men--smart drama, handsome people, and beautiful, highly authentic styling? It makes for divine television. The 1960s were great years for fashion, with an awesome slew of influences from Jackie Kennedy to the hippies. AMC's beloved show takes us to upscale business New York, and we're treated to a 52 minute parade of sharp, glamorous, decidedly curve-friendly fashion.

If you're as crazy about Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's impeccable taste as we are, you will adore these ideas. Get the look with Perfect Details! These pieces are beautiful details that are totally on-point for your Mad Men inspired ensemble.:

Photo from Raw Photo Design/The Wedding Chicks
Photography by Raw Photo Design

Round Marquise CZ Earring                               Single Strand White Pearls 
Stunning CZ earrings and classic pearls are timeless and so elegant.

Celeste Floral Comb                                      Vivienne Siren Veil  
Veils are a lovely, traditional way to polish off your bridal look.  

Don't let a nip in the air bring you (or your outfit) down.  

Photo from Raw Photo Design/Wedding Chicks
Mad Men's look is notably sexy without being too sexual. Show off your figure, but don't show too much skin. 

Silk Wrist Length Gloves                             Wrist Length Leather Gloves
So ladylike, these gloves add a touch of sweetness.

Badgley Mischka Zali                                        Badgley Mischka Zakia
These beautiful retro inspired pumps both have tulle detailing for an extra dash of charm. 

"Jackie O" Triple Strand Necklace                               Pearl Earrings            
The square shapes in this pearl necklace and earrings are so delightfully mod.

Whether you're a Joan, Betty or Peggy, you can infuse some classic, chic '60s inspired pieces into your wedding look with spectacular results with accessories and shoes from Perfect DetailsBe sure to also check out The Wedding Chicks, Raw Photo Design and tune into Mad Men, Sundays at 10/9c on AMC. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Absolutely no surprise, the Oscar de la Renta Bridal 2013 Collection (which you can check out at Wedding Chicks) is positively awe inspiring.

The last time I saw pastel colors used for a formal dress was my mother's prom dress from 1976. A periwinkle, floor length, haltered chiffon dress, trimmed with delicate lace daisies. Certainly dated, but demurely feminine and lovely.

Oscar de la Renta manages to fold the classic, pale femininity of yester year fashion perfectly into modern silhouettes. It's hard to pick favorites, but we especially love these dresses, which lend themselves so nicely to elegant embellishment:

Absolutely stunning detailing with the flower embroidery and attention demanding veil, we cannot take our eyes off this!

A dress this exceptionally beautiful deserves can only be made better by amazing accessories. Here are some that we think would complement it fabulously:

These pumps bring it all together with this tulle wrapped heel and feminine bow.

Not only are these shoes show-stopping, you can dye them after the wedding for future use.

Opting for comfort doesn't mean you have to settle for looking too casual. These flats have lovely beading while keeping you on the ground--something to keep in mind if your wedding is outdoors.

Big and bold, these remind us of vintage Gatsby glamor, perfect for channeling your inner Daisy Buchanan.

At 2-3/4 inches long, these contemporary earrings are practically dripping elegance. 

Vintage inspired and chic, there is something poetically fitting about leaf earrings and a flowered dress.

If you are the kind of bride that doesn't identify with the traditional white gown, there's good news: color on the bride is totally in. From Vera Wang's rich reds to de la Renta's pastels, you are no longer confined to various shades of white.

Perhaps the natural response to fashion's recently beloved extra-bold colors, pastels have been popping up all over the runways, and lend themselves so well to this jaw dropping gown. We love these trend-forward pieces: 

Carrie Bradshaw's wedding shoe, now in this lovely pink, available from Neiman Marcus. Stunning!

Branding expert Martin Lindstrom claims that a woman's heart rate increases 22% when she sees the signature "Tiffany Blue" color. Set your heart aflutter with these Tiffany Blue pumps.

Attention grabbing blush pink bows that aren't too girly. 

Sorrelli Running Water Collection has some great pieces for this trend, one of our best sellers pictured above.

These crystals almost look like bottomless pools of Caribbean water, it's hard to take your eyes away.

Pearls make lovely accessories for pastels -- they really complement pastel's softness.

These can be dyed pastel for the perfect final touch for the bride or bridesmaids. 

Be sure to check out the other head turning dresses in de la Renta's collection. We'd wager that these dresses are not a flash in the pan trend. Such a fresh, beautiful take on vintage fashion, how could they be?

Need more advice on how to pull your look together? Contact our resident stylist Rachel Howard and she'll help you stay tastefully fashion forward on your special day.