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Choosing the right gown

Picking the right gown for your wedding can be a stressful endeavor. We've put together some tips to help you make the right decision when it comes picking your perfect dress.

There are three things to consider in selecting the ideal wedding gown:


Although the traditional wedding gown is white, on closer examination you will find that many brides wear a variation on this classic color. Most bridal gowns are available in white, ivory, a light pink, or light peach, although recently champagne, gold and silver have become popular, especially for older brides and 2nd marriages. For the bold, ambitious bride, many designers have been incorporating deep, dramatic colors and nontraditional pastels.  Try on a gown in each color, to determine which shade is best for your coloring.

Lazaro      |     Vera Wang    |  Carol Hannah 

  • Hourglass - curvaceous. The objective is to strive for balance.

    Avoid high waistlines and necklines. Emphasize a small waist with a fitted waistline. Soft gathered skirts disguise hips and draw attention to the waistline; A-line dresses also work well. Use details or embellishments wisely: bodice detail such as beading or lace will bring the eye upward and emphasize the upper body. Consider an open neckline to flatter the shoulder line and bring the eye upwards. (Dress: Theia)

  • Rectangle - long and narrow.
Concentrate on details that emphasize width and avoid long vertical lines. Detailed sleeves will draw the eye outward. An open neckline or off the shoulder look will broaden the shoulder line. A full skirt with horizontal details, for example horizontal ribbon trim from the waistline to the hem. Avoid high or drop waists, instead go with a fitted waist. (Dress: Carolina Herrera)

  • Triangle - long and narrow.
The objective is to minimize lower body fullness and create the illusion of additional width in the upper body. Here's how: Create height with an elongated waistline. Wear full sleeves to create the appearance of wider shoulders. Full skirts hide heavy hips and legs. Draw the eye upward by selecting a decorative bodice or details at the neckline. Avoid bulky or straight skirts. (Dress: Carol Hannah)

  • Reverse Triangle - upper body is wider than lower body.
Objective is to emphasize the width of the lower body. Some ideas: A simple bodice will minimize the upper body width, so will unadorned sleeves. Avoid high necklines and narrow skirts. Choose a detailed skirt to draw the eye downward. Create additional height with an elongated waistline, for example, a dropwaist. (Dress: Modern Trousseau)

The neckline you choose should flatter your face shape. If your shoulders are narrow and you want them to appear wider you will want a wide neckline that will broaden. If you have broad shoulders that you would like to appear narrower then you should select a neckline that is narrow. Listed below are general guidelines based on face shape:

  • Square: Scoop, round or V-necklines are best.
  • Round: Scoop, angular or V-necklines. Avoid high necklines.
  • Oval: Any type of neckline works well.
  • Oblong: Round or square necklines. The objective is to widen the face.
  • Heart: Any type of neckline works well.
  • Diamond: Wide open necklines and rounded necklines. Avoid V-necks.
  • Pear: V-neck. The objective is to lengthen and narrow the bottom portion of the face

If you want to:
  • Appear taller: High neckline, empire waist, short-sleeved or sleeveless dress with gloves.
  • Appear slender: High waistlines such as princess style or A-line; utilize vertical lines in fabric or trim details; scoop necks are also affective. Avoid ruffles, puffy sleeves and clingy fabrics.
  • De-emphasize the bust line: Scoop necks, high necklines and v-necks. Avoid empire or cinched waists.
  • De-emphasize height: Drop waist, wide belt, waistline adornments. Due to your height you can wear a hat or dramatic veil and not be overpowered.
  • Appear less slender: Heavier fabrics, bodice details, gathered, large sleeves.

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All photography by firstVIEW except Carol Hannah dresses, photographed by Corbin Gurkin.

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