Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Opera Length Glove Etiquette

Winter weddings, Debutante Balls and Mardi Gras - the time of year that calls for opera length gloves...and for us many emails to Rachel Howard inquiring on evening glove etiquette. Below please find you guide to to opera length glove etiquette:

1. Traditionally, opera gloves should not be put on in public, but should be donned in the privacy of one's home before going out.

2. Your gloves should be kept on when shaking hands in a reception line) or when dancing.

3. Gloves may also be worn while drinking, however, It is better to remove, or partially remove them, when practicable (see #4 below).

4. You can partially remove your opera gloves by unbuttoning the mousquetaire wrist opening and pull your hand out through the opening, then tucking the finger section under the wrist or under your bracelet, if you are wearing bracelets - **bracelets should be worn over the gloves.

5. When you sit down to dinner, you should take off your gloves, and put them back on when dinner is over.

For more tips and advise on wedding gloves, visit our tips and advise section: https://perfectdetails.com/tips/tips.html and click on gloves.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We've Been Blogged! Twice!

If you're a California Bride, you're probably familiar with "Here Comes The Guide". It's a great publication and web-site with a wealth of information on locations and planning tips. Visit: www.herecomestheguide.com.

The Guide just did a piece on "Dream Bridal Fashion Ensembles: Bohemian Beach Weddings" featuring our silk wrap
to view the article: Bohemian Beach Weddings and to view all our wraps click the links. BTW we will be adding several new beaded wraps at the start of 2009.

And just a few weeks ago "The Guide" featured our guest books: "Gussied Up Guest Books"and the blog actually received a reward from the Uber Amazing Blog Award by Percy Sales Event.

Our guest books are unique, as they are hand crafted in California, use silk fabrics and ribbons, and utilize trims and beading that are similar to those used on designer gowns. Definitely not your average wedding guest book. The books also hold over 700 signatures, so couples can use them again for parties and special events in their new home for years to come.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Badgley Mischka Shoes Have Arrived!

Our first small shipment of Badgley Mischka shoes has arrived. We received two fabulous evening shoes, Costa and Caroline that will be coming in Silk White in February. Thought we'd give you a sneak preview but you might want a pair for holiday parties or formal occasions. We think they're fabulous, and a great price for couture shoes.



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How many different shades of white?

We always get asked "what's the difference between white and diamond white?" What is candle light? It is amazing how so many names can exist for the same shade, but each designer feels that they must personalize their color names. Here is your quick guide to bridal colors, which should assist you in matching shoes, gloves and other accessories to your gown.

There are three (3) basic bridal shades:

1. silk white - a slightly off white shade. The fabric is silk, it can't be bleached, so it will never be the white shade of new tennis shoes.

2. diamond white - this is the shade between silk white and ivory. best described as a very light ivory shade.

3. ivory - in silk fabrics ivory is a true ivory. It is not a creamy ivory it has yellow in it.

Most designers do refer to silk white as the same shade. Diamond white is also referred to as antique white and candle light.

Ivory gets tricky when dealing with non silk fabrics. Most satin fabrics and blends tend to have more of a creamy ivory, whereas silk fabrics are a true rich yellow ivory. Speaking of blends, the only time you'll find "a new tennis shoe white" is when you are dealing with blended man-made fabrics. if you have a blended, bright white dress, you'll need to find accessories using blended fabrics, as anything in silk white will look light ivory next to the dress.

To further complicate things, there are many different fabrics used to create bridal gowns. Different types of fabrics take dye differently - thus a silk crepe gown in ivory may be a darker shade than ivory in duchess silk satin.

The key to your accessories is that they are in the same family, have the same tones. You'll almost never get "an exact match", a little lighter, a little darker is fine and actually adds texture and dimension. Mixing the different shades of white and ivory...not recommended. This season there are so many accessories in "ready to wear" in silver and gold, so that if you do have problems you can always go that route.

If you are shopping on line and unsure, always let the consultant know they type of fabric and it's always good to describe ivory shades as a creamy ivory or as yellow ivory. If your dress has an overlay make sure to mention that as well, as an organza overlay does change the overall color of the dress.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cheryl King Couture Hair Accessories & Jewelry

Welcome Cheryl King Couture. Based out of South Carolina, we met Cheryl at the NY Couture Bridal Show this past October. We fell in love with several of her pieces and decided to add her collection for 2009. We just received several pieces, below are our two favorites.

Love, love, love the feather hair pin called Andrea. It's just adorable and is available in your choice of white, ivory or black feathers. A bit difficult to photograph. Notice the attention to detail: the prong set Swarovski Rhinestone and the petite rhinestones scattered on the feathers - just enough to notice and add that extra special sparkle.

Another favorite are the vintage influenced hair combs shown below. Small combs such as these are great, as they work with about any hair style and hair length, and ***Bonus*** they can be worn again for any formal occasion.

They are a bit similar to the new Haute Bride combs in size - but definitely have a different look. Chery's pieces are all made with CZ that are actually cut at a diamond cutter in the US. Each CZ is cut to her specifications for her pieces and each stone is then prong set. More to come from Cheryl King in the next few weeks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Haute Bride Jewelry Has Arrived!

We just received some new pieces from Haute Bride. Just love them. Visit our new arrivals section to see them all. http://perfectdetails.com/NewA.htm
Below, please find pictures of two of our favorites.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our First Blog

At last, the perfectdetails.com blog spot, where we can share all our new product news, store and web site events, as well as other topics we find of interest.

Perfect Details is a unique bridal accessories web-site, specializing in couture shoes and accessories that you will not find on other sites.  Many pieces are also designed just for us.  We are the only authorized web-site to offer the top American and European jewelry and headpiece accessories on-line.  You'll find Sara Gabriel, Haute Bride, Paris, Regina B., Erin Cole, Ti Adoro and Laura Jayne, as well as the Majorica Bridal Collection and fabulous CZ and crystal jewelry from Jardin.  Coming in the months ahead we'll also be adding Christina Garcia and Cheryl King couture.

Everyone's love:  Shoes.  Many new styles for 2009.  Great new styles from Something Bleu will be arriving in January, February and March, and we're bringing in several new designers too!  We're very excited about our new assortment from Badgley Mischka!  They have created a signature line with great styling and affordable prices!

You'll also find a large selection of jewelry and shoes for bridesmaids and evening wear, as well as unique accessories to create your wedding day look, such as opera length gloves, luxurious wraps and the perfect little handbag for those must have items.

We hope you enjoy our blog and visit us and our site www.perfectdetails.com often.

The Perfect Details team:

Rachel, Katherine, Lisa and Jesse (the perfect details dog)