Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How many different shades of white?

We always get asked "what's the difference between white and diamond white?" What is candle light? It is amazing how so many names can exist for the same shade, but each designer feels that they must personalize their color names. Here is your quick guide to bridal colors, which should assist you in matching shoes, gloves and other accessories to your gown.

There are three (3) basic bridal shades:

1. silk white - a slightly off white shade. The fabric is silk, it can't be bleached, so it will never be the white shade of new tennis shoes.

2. diamond white - this is the shade between silk white and ivory. best described as a very light ivory shade.

3. ivory - in silk fabrics ivory is a true ivory. It is not a creamy ivory it has yellow in it.

Most designers do refer to silk white as the same shade. Diamond white is also referred to as antique white and candle light.

Ivory gets tricky when dealing with non silk fabrics. Most satin fabrics and blends tend to have more of a creamy ivory, whereas silk fabrics are a true rich yellow ivory. Speaking of blends, the only time you'll find "a new tennis shoe white" is when you are dealing with blended man-made fabrics. if you have a blended, bright white dress, you'll need to find accessories using blended fabrics, as anything in silk white will look light ivory next to the dress.

To further complicate things, there are many different fabrics used to create bridal gowns. Different types of fabrics take dye differently - thus a silk crepe gown in ivory may be a darker shade than ivory in duchess silk satin.

The key to your accessories is that they are in the same family, have the same tones. You'll almost never get "an exact match", a little lighter, a little darker is fine and actually adds texture and dimension. Mixing the different shades of white and ivory...not recommended. This season there are so many accessories in "ready to wear" in silver and gold, so that if you do have problems you can always go that route.

If you are shopping on line and unsure, always let the consultant know they type of fabric and it's always good to describe ivory shades as a creamy ivory or as yellow ivory. If your dress has an overlay make sure to mention that as well, as an organza overlay does change the overall color of the dress.

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