Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fashion Photo Shoot Day

It's one of my favorite things about working in the fashion industry... fashion photo shoots! I mean, is this really "work" ?!

Just another 70 degree January day in California.... and we went to the gorgeous Hollins House at Pasateimpo golf club in Santa Cruz, CA with our gowns and jewelry in tow... in pursuit of some picture perfect bridal moments. 

We love the photos we captured from the day. From the great hair, fashion, makeup, and, of course, unbelievable jewelry, these photos prove that the perfect accessory... is that one unforgettable detail. Find it at Perfect Details... where we curate the finest collections just for you.

Margaret Rowe cuff

Badgley Mischka necklace and Margaret Rowe earrings

Margaret Rowe Cleopatra collar and
matching Deco Drama earrings

Eric Cole hair pin, Haute Bride crystal pendant earrings and
Haute Bride large rhinestone filigree pendant bracelet

Faux Fur Wrap

Sorrelli Raw Sugar Collection

Special thanks to...

Photographer Isaac Klotz  
Hair Erin Lopez 
Makeup Celeste Thompson and Rony Luan

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