Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Lace Gloves


A little demure
A little feminine
A little vampy
A little 80’s
A little rock star
And so unbelievably hot?

Black lace gloves, of course!

Wrist Length Black Lace Gloves

Elbow Length Black Lace Gloves

Whether wrist length or elbow length, black gloves can be the perfect dramatic yet classic accent to your bridal look.

Maybe they're a little too edgy or dramatic for YOUR wedding?

Well, then, how about:
A special night out... or IN… with your man?
A girls’ night out?
Your next (Halloween) costume party?

The possibilities are endless. Investment dressing at it’s finest! Show off your style, and make a bold statement. Black lace gloves are definitely not for shy wallflowers.

Just one thing: remember to wear ‘em with confidence. Because you’ll be turning heads all night. Whatever the outfit or occasion, thanks to these little lacy numbers, you’ll be looking runway HOT. Now, where's my catwalk?

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